Scientific Pest & Vegetation Management (SPVM) Safety Management system complies with Federal, State and Territory regulatory and legislative requirements. SPVM’s documented Policies, Procedures and Instructions conform to the Health and Safety, Quality and Pest Industry Standards and encompasses a plethora of documentation, which may be attached or requested at any time.

Scientific Pest & Vegetation Management operates an OHSE system in accordance and compliance with AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

SPVM’s audit process complies with AS/NZS ISO 9001 and is set out in SPVM Quality Procedures and staff are trained in the standard AS/NZS 4801 – OHS Management Systems. All workers complete Induction Training prior to work start, together with monthly toolbox safety training sessions, the attendance of which is a condition of employment. Training is also received from Chemical suppliers and from clients as required (i.e. Induction). Job Safety Observations are regularly performed throughout the year by management, documented and audited internally with recommendations for further training if required. SPVM uses core KPI’s to monitor technicians in the field identifying and measuring issues of non-compliance, observing the need for further training if required and resulting in comprehensive performance management of all of their staff for OHSE on a regular basis.

Our safety system is pro-active and responds, through the use of internal auditing, to any non-conformances that may arise. OHSE Management reports track overall OHSE performance throughout the company. OHSE Management questionnaires and meetings are used to obtain feedback from clients in order to enhance and continually assess and improve our OHSE systems. SPVM’s processes enable technicians to work seamlessly within the framework of major clients and employ their processes as required, e.g. Risk Assessment format (Take Five)

Role and responsibilities of the person responsible for Risk and Compliance

SPVM’s OHSE manager is responsible for Risk and Compliance and for ensuring that SPVM’s Safety Management System is established, implemented, maintained and the systems overall performance. This Includes:

  • The development, delivery and monitoring of SPVM’s monthly toolbox safety training package Training includes; SPVM Policy Education, Hazard Identification and Risk Management, Incident Reporting & non-conformance, Duty of Care, Working at Height, Manual Handling, Pest Treatment Services, PPE, Job Safety Observations etc.
  • The development of safe work procedures in consultation with regional managers and pest /weed technicians.
  • Compilation and review of all Safe Work Method Statements,
  • Review and assisting in the completion of Risk Assessments as required

The Occupational Health and Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring that information required for the monitoring and evaluation of OHSE performance is developed, collected and disseminated to the SPVM Network. This Includes;

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the OHSE system;
  • Reviewing OHSE performance outcomes against objectives and targets of the OHSE policy;
  • Outlining the process for the establishment of performance indicators for monitoring OHSE performance;
  • Identifying trends where OHSE performance is required to be improved;
  • Benchmarking the SPVM’s OHSE performance against appropriate external measures