We are committed to protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of our workers, customers, contractors and visitors.  Scientific Pest Management® technicians consistently provide professional service and expert advice whilst focusing on customer safety and respecting integrity and property security. Scientific Pest Management® developed treatment methods incorporating the latest technology and low toxicity products that are efficient, safe for our customers (and their pets) and cost effective.
We offer employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. SPVM is nothing but the reflection of its people.
Indigenous Engagement
SPVM enters into arrangements with clients for Indigenous involvement in the supply of pest and vegetation management services in our business throughout Australia. Through discussions with our clients, we enter into plans for Indigenous involvement tailored to the client expectations, work location and volume in line with our Indigenous Involvement Plan.
Sustainable Environment
We take care of the environment and want to not only preserve it for our future generations but wind back the clock to improve it. We provide effective treatment programs using a selection of Approved Products, reflecting a commitment to providing the most environmentally friendly pest and vegetation management treatment options currently available in Australia. 
Sustainable Sourcing
SPVM has a sustainable sourcing program that includes minimising the impact of our operations on the environment, integrating human rights considerations into our sourcing solutions and developing supportive relationships with our local communities, customers and suppliers.
 We strive to achieve a connection with the communities in which we operate by employing locals where possible, by providing training and skills development to locals and by buying locally.
Corporate Governance
Our aim is to ensure our managers, staff and sub-contractors operate and appropriately practice within an environment of corporate governance in their daily activities