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Velvety Tree Pear a real threat

The spread of Velvety Tree Pear across the Darling Downs has progressively become a real threat for landholders unaware of the risks. Prolific in timbered landscapes not subject to tillage such as hill-sides the plant can take over the landscape. While common Prickly Pear is controlled by the Cactoblastis insect, one of the most successful biological control agents in Australian history, Velvety Tree Pear remains unaffected by it. With ten years’ experience controlling Velvety Tree Pear on the Darling Downs and South-West Queensland Scientific Pest and Vegetation Management have had endless success:
  • Foliar spraying with registered herbicides.
  • Stem injection of big trees with Glyphosate.
SPVM’s success is accredited to:
  • Ten years’ experience in the control of all pest plants in pasture, bushland and industrial areas.
  • 4WD vehicles equipped with motorised retractable hose reel sprayers.
  • Quad bikes equipped with motorised sprayers.
  • A Weed Report system that records all herbicide mixture deployed on your land and reports this to you in real time on a base map. This map can be on your computer at completion of spraying every day. If areas have been missed we will retreat at no extra cost to you.
SPVM also offers:
  • Free quotes over the phone.
  • Control of many other pest plants by foliar spraying, boom application, basal bark spraying, stem injection and slashing.
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