“To provide the most professional and comprehensive weed and vegetation management service available.” – Chris Jones, – SPVM

SPVM Weed and Vegetation Division offers a coordinated approach to weed and vegetation management to meet clients’ needs.Using a variety of approved treatment methods to provide a cohesive approach to weed management, we minimize weed resistance and provide flexibility in diverse environments.

Weed Management

Weeds are, by definition, resilient and adaptive. Wherever there is exposed soil, weeds will inevitably establish themselves.

SPVM can assist with controlling all unwanted vegetation with motorised spray units, quad bikes, all-terrain vehicles and pump packs, in:

–       high risk and sensitive areas such as gas fields, road reserves and National Parks.
–       parks, gardens, roads, drains, pipelines, fence lines

When weeds and vegetation are neglected they can become ugly and obstructive. There are many reasons to control weeds and vegetation including:

  •       Protection of valuable assets and infrastructure
  •       Fire hazard reduction
  •       Public and personal safety
  •       An obligation to eradicate poisonous seeds. foliage and declared weeds
  •       Adding value to vacant lots
  •       Allowing access to land
  •       Neatness
Vegetation Management
Our vegetation management programme minimises the impact of unwanted or potentially damaging vegetation by using brush-cutters, chainsaws, zero-turn mowers and slashers to help control fire, unwanted incursion and to allow access to sites.
Activity Tracking

SPVM provide GPS tracking and reporting for all weed and vegetation management technician activity in the field including;

–       technician ground coverage,
–       equipment usage
–       liquid distribution
–       motor vehicle movement

Site Weather Monitoring and Web Based Reporting
Activity tracking, weather condition and pest control activity data is recorded and reported on-line for client benefit.  Clients can request automated reports to be emailed at pre-set dates and times.
Meter Reading & Site Services
For large client sites, specialist activities such as meter reading are also undertaken to assist client operations if required.

SPVM technicians are very familiar with:

  • Safe systems of work
  • Working in remote areas
  • Communication techniques with a range of different technologies
  • Land Access protocols to all types of rural properties
  • Access and Permit to Work protocols in high risk areas such as gas plants, compressor stations, power lines
  • High risk environments e.g. Coal seam gas fields, high voltage power lines
SPVM is a licensed user of WeedReport which allows its clients to access cost-effective, auditable, secure data and reporting.
SPVM has the equipment, licensed and trained staff to satisfy all of your weed and vegetation control needs:

  •       Vegetation Management Plans
  •       Weed spraying
  •       A unique WeedReport Tracking System
  •       Landscape management
  •       Fire hazard reduction
  •       Weed identification