Equal Employment Opportunity

Women at Scientific Pest Management

Scientific Pest Management is proud to have a strong female workforce who offer both quality skill sets and a commitment to excellence. We offer opportunities to women across the range of administrative and pest and weed management roles within the company.  We aim to empower women on our client sites to further develop their technical and leadership skills in preparation for more senior roles.

Some of our key areas of focus include:

  • Diversity and inclusion measures as part of business planning
  • Identifying and supporting the career development of women
  • EEO and cultural awareness
  • Providing more flexible work options for our people

Indigenous Engagement

Scientific Pest Management enters into arrangements with clients for Indigenous involvement in the supply of pest and vegetation management services in our business throughout Australia. Through discussions with our clients, we enter into plans for Indigenous involvement tailored to the client expectations, work location and volume in line with our Indigenous Involvement Plan.