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SPVM is an Australian owned and operated national pest management company.

SPVM provides guidance and solutions on preventative measures to help you eradicate annoying pests with effective, family friendly and safe pest control methods. Our treatment methods will safely and efficiently rid your home of termites, cockroaches, spiders, white ants, mites, fleas, silverfish, birds, mice, rats and other household pests.

General Pests
Ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish – SPVM technicians carry out a full inspection of the premises to ensure they have the information required to treat each specific pest. After consultation with the customer, the technician treats the premises according to the label of the product of choice to ensure the best possible treatment is carried out using (IPM) Integrated pest management.
Flying Insects
Mosquitoes, wasps, flies, bees, moths – Servicing wasps and bees is best carried out either first thing in the morning so as to ensure a higher success rate as they are less active then.  Flies have several different types, and need to be treated accordingly by either chemical or UV.  Moths will more than likely be stored product pests and will be captured using pheromones.
Vermin include rats, mice and other vertebrates. Rats are quite wary and mice are inquisitive, causing process and control to be different for every type of situation. SPVM technicians undertake thorough inspections and identify the pests correctly to ensure they are targeting the correct species. There are several methods that can be employed including CO2, wax baits, paste, trapping and banding.
Termite Management
Pre-Purchase Inspections and Timber Pest Inspections;

SPVM provide Timber Pest Inspections and Pre-Purchase Inspections to structures in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3-2010 and provide a detailed written report with recommendations.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection occurs prior to you committing unconditionally to buy a property. It is an inspection of all timbers in the structure (usually a home) and outside the structure within the boundaries of the property.  The PPI will result in a report that will tell you;

  • whether there are any pests such as termites or borer present in the timbers;
  • whether there is any damage caused to timbers by pests;
  • how severe the damage is;
  • whether timbers are susceptible to damage from this time onwards;
  • recommendations about what you can do to reduce the chance of damage to timbers in future;
  • recommendations about what to do about existing damage such as obtaining a Building Inspection from a qualified builder;

A Timber Pest Inspection occur on a regular basis, often every 12 months or more regularly, to structures that you already own and follows the same process as for a Pre-Purchase Inspection detailed above.

Termite Treatments and Termite Protection:

There are several types of treatment that can be applied to timbers that are infested with termites and several types of systems that can be installed to help reduce the chance of your property being attacked by termites.  The choice of treatment or preventative system we would recommend  is dependent on many factors associated with your property such as;

  • how it has been built;
  • the type of material it has been built from;
  • the surrounding terrain;
  • landscaping at your property;
  • local climate;
  • the type of soil;
  • the species of termites present;
  • your budget;
  • other factors.

Because there are so many factors, we make our recommendations only after completing a thorough inspection of your property.  Our recommendations are contained in a detailed written report which we discuss in detail with you. SPVM are not restricted in any way with the systems we can use.  We are not an agent for a particular brand or type of system and, so, all options are available to you.

Pre-Construction Termite Barriers:

SPVM is an accredited installer of pre-construction termite barrier systems.

Reptiles (Snake & Reptile Relocation)
Reptiles may include snakes, lizards and Asian geckos.  SPVM have certified snake handling technicians capable of responding to urgent call outs after hours.
SPVM pricing is based on the size of your home. Contact us on 1300 139 840 for an obligation free, over-the-phone quote.
Recommendations are made in line with Integrated Pest Management practices following services provided. These will, if taken, reduce pest activity and will enable our generous warranty periods to be upheld. SPVM has a Quality Assurance program in place. All technicians receive extensive quality assurance training and are frequently audited by their managers on the job.

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