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Time to start preparing for Fireweed control

Yellow daisy-like flowers lining paddocks on the eastern Darling Downs this year could be the extremely toxic Fireweed. Fireweed can cause loss of animal production and in extreme cases death to cattle and to a lesser extent sheep and goats. Scientific Pest and Vegetation Management are urging landholders to start planning for spraying next Autumn to help stop further spread of the plant in its winter and spring growing season. SPVM can organise selective herbicides that do not damage desirable species such as grasses and clovers. An integrated management approach involving good pasture health and the use of herbicides is the best way to control Fireweed. SPVM have ten-years-experience in the control of pest plants using herbicides in pasture and bushland situations. Fireweed looks very similar to native daisies and should be identified before control measures are implemented. Identification can be done by visiting or contacting SPVM. Do not risk the spread of Fireweed on your land, contact SPVM.
  • Ten years’ experience his given us extensive knowledge of herbicide weed control.
  • Our Weed Report System records every litre of mixture applied to your paddock and reports it to you on a map. This map will show exactly where the herbicide has been applied and if an area has been missed we will come back and re-treat. A map will be on your computer at the completion of the job so you know exactly where we have sprayed.
  • Our 4WD vehicles are equipped with 400-litre motorised sprayers with booms up to eight metres wide.
  • Each vehicle has a GPS guidance system that ensures coverage of the whole paddock and efficient use of herbicide, saving you money.
  • We can spray your paddock for as little as $36 per hectare including herbicide.
  • Please contact John Barker on 0420 105 115 or email jbarker @ for a free quote or further information.

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