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SPVM offers the following services to commercial clients:

  • General Pest Management Programs e.g. cockroaches, spiders, ants, bed bugs, silver fish, drain flies, carpet beetle, borers etc.
  • Timber Pest / Termite Management Programs
  • Flying Insect Control e.g. wasps, bees, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, mites and moths
  • Vermin Control e.g. mice and rats
  • Reptiles (Snake & Reptile Relocation)
  • Feral bird management
  • Vertebrate pest management – Feral pests e.g. cats, birds, dogs, possums, foxes
  • Wild dog / Fox humane / Rabbit trapping and baiting programs
  • Vector control e.g. habitat/environmental control, contact reduction, chemical control and biological control
  • Weed and vegetation management programs
  • Meter reading and other site services (for large client sites)
  • Special Projects e.g. offshore vessels, rigs, feral bird netting, baiting programs, shooting programs and vector control programs
Resource & Mining Sector
SPVM’s National exposure and ability to service remote regional areas on Australia in both the provision of pest control and vegetation management services, combined with its technological reporting capabilities that track and monitor in real time the provision of services in remote areas and their environmental impact, make SPVM the ideal choice of supplier for the Mining and Resource sector.
For those government bodies that are geographically dispersed or possess an extensive array of built assets that require continuous monitoring and regular preventive maintenance, SPVM is the preferred choice to implement powerful pest control and vegetation management programs designed to strategically address these issues.
Offshore Clients
SPVM has fully qualified technicians with required licences to provide treatment solutions for offshore (maritime) installations throughout Australian and neighbouring country waters  and provides an ideal choice for remote maritime operations or those operations located in environmentally sensitive locations.
Secured Sites
SPVM has a long experience of providing pest control services within secured sites throughout Australia and offshore installations. Our technicians and control systems are specifically designed to meet the high security and compliance standards required to work in these regimes.
Powerful real time reporting solutions, comprehensive compliance systems tailored to specific client requirements and holistic solutions in both pest control and vegetation management, make SPVM an ideal choice for those industries seeking a robust treatment solution.
Health Care
SPVM has had a long history of servicing the healthcare sectors due to robust reporting standards, knowledge of specific treatment requirements of the healthcare sector, extensive qualifications and high consistent standards applied by technicians.
Aged Care
SPVM has also had a long history of servicing the aged care sectors due to robust reporting standards, knowledge of specific treatment requirements for this segment, extensive qualifications and high consistent standards applied by technicians. Ongoing education, training and up-to-date industry knowledge are the key to ensuring client satisfaction in this expanding sector.
Food & Catering HACCP
SPVM are a nationally accredited HACCP supplier and maintain annual certification. SVPM complies with strict food and safety standards allowing it to service this important and growing segment. Technicians are fully qualified according to HACCP standards and can work around normal operating hours of busy operations to ensure that high quality and efficient pest control programs are applied with minimal impact on business operations.